Claim a conference talk: introducing a revolutionary feature

ReviewerCredits helps you to keep track of all the talks you give at any conference or congress and to showcase your speaking skills and achievements.
Most scientists are actively engaged in scientific dissemination. They are selected to give talks on specific topics for their expertise, their ability to present literature data or innovative research in a straightforward and engaging way.

To register your conference talk is quick and easy!

How to claim a conference talk

Login to your personal profile

Your personal profile talks about you: personalize your page by adding photos, specialties, the institution/s you belong to, your IDs as ORCID ID, links to your social profiles (e.g. Researchgate, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).
Make yourself immediately recognizable and traceable, collecting all the information about you in one place: your CV will be already certified.
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Enter the required conference information

Once you registered your free personal profile, you can easily get access to your Reviewer dashboard and register your talk.
Fill with the required information: conference information, your speaker role, talk title.

About the Organization/Institution

We will verify the information on the conference website, to confirm your talk.

Follow the Conference Talk progress

In “My Profile” page you can follow the progress of your claim.

Claim your talk

On ReviewerCredits is possible to claim a congress talk. One more opportunity to get certification!