Obtaining your credits


How are credits assigned?

We have created an automated process to assign credits (RC, Reviewer credits) to our registered users, which is based on the actions performed through the portal. Once you have earned sufficient credits you can use them to obtain virtual coupons by our partners which will grant you discounts towards their services (APC, conference registration fees, etc.).

Here is how RC (Reviewer credits) are assigned:


10 RC | confirmed reviews

We assign 10 RC (Reviewer credits) for each confirmed review performed for any journal

20 RC | confirmed reviews, registered journals

We assign 20 RC (Reviewer Credits) for each confirmed review performed for a registered journal

10 RC | Inviting colleagues

We assign 10 RC (Reviewer Credits) for each colleague you invite to join and who joins

No RC for conference talks

No credit is assigned for conference talks you register through the site