Thursday 23 September 2021 | 10.00-10.45 (CEST)

Discussants: Gareth Dyke, Scott McCleary, Iratxe Puebla, Flaminio Squazzoni


Peer Review is one key engine powering Scholarly Publishing and Communication, constantly fed by the voluntary of work of researchers. The increasing levels of work expected of researchers is threatening both the identity and perception of Peer Reviewers. Debates about the relevance and positive effects of recognition remain intense; in this webinar event, our panel will discuss the ways in which incentives and rewards can be used to empower the activity of Peer Reviewers as well as the efficiency of the Scholarly ecosystem.


Gareth Dyke

Author Education Manager, EDANZ



Scott McCleary

Instructional Product Design Manager, EDANZ



Iratxe Puebla

Associate Director, ASAPbio, EASE Peer Review Committee Member



Flaminio Squazzoni

PEERE “New Frontiers of Peer Review” Chair, University of Milan