About F3-index and RCI

F3-index is the result of comparing the performance of peer reviewers assigned to the same manuscript, given that any submission is different from another in… Read more >>

How to become a good reviewer

When you are invited to review a manuscript, editors count on your knowledge of a specific topic. The first point to consider is that you can provide… Read more >>

Types of peer review

All forms of peer review have flaws and deficiencies, but a more suitably screening method for scientific papers has not yet been established… Read more >>

What is peer review? The basics

Peer-review is not without flaws and has attracted many criticisms over the time, as well as driving many trials to create an alternative validation process… Read more >>

Peer review and the publishing cycle

How submissions are handled varies greatly on the size of the journal and its publisher. Larger journals usually have the support of sophisticated… Read more >>