Welcome to the revamped Reward Center


Here you can redeem your ReviewerCredits for services available at exclusive discounts only for registered users!



We are the only place where peer review effort by researchers is not just recognized but also rewarded


Here you’ll be able to redeem your ReviewerCredits, awarded by subscribed journals for the work you’ve done as a peer reviewer. One ReviewerCredits is worth €10. All registered reviewers and editors also will be able directly purchase listed publishing services which are not available at such discounted prices anywhere else.

We’ve used our own experience as active researchers (a number of the ReviewerCredits team are non-native English speakers and writers) and peer reviewers to search available ‘author services’ offering from around the world to come up with a selection that we feel are amongst the best available to offer pre- and post-publication support for your work.

We’ve created training courses in peer review, accreditation options, and offer services which you can get access to by using your accumulated ReviewerCredits and/or cash.



We encourage you to redeem your ReviewerCredits gained before the launch of the new reward system by the 31st of December 2023. After that, all ReviewerCredits gained before the 1st of July 2023 will be expired and the services listed will be unavailable.