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Conference °Conference edition dateCountry °Session / Presentation title °Person name °Language of the talkDetails
EMN Open09/2014ChinaMariana Amorim FragaEnglish
02/2010BrazilMariana Amorim FragaPortuguese
05/2007United StatesMariana Amorim FragaEnglish
11/2005BrazilMariana Amorim FragaEnglish
IBERSENSOR10/2004MexicoMariana Amorim FragaEnglish
09/2002BrazilMariana Amorim FragaEnglish
Conference °Conference edition dateCountry °Session / Presentation title °Person name °Language of the talkDetails
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Validated Peer Reviews

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Year 2021
"International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering": 2 peer reviews;
"Materials Research": 1 peer review;
"International Journal of Photoenergy": 1 peer review;
"Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering": 4 peer reviews;
"Microscopy Research and Technique": 1 peer review;
"Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering": 1 peer review;
"Frontiers in Physiology": 1 peer review;
"International Journal of Polymer Science": 1 peer review;
"Journal of Spectroscopy": 1 peer review;
"Frontiers in Materials": 1 peer review;
"Journal of Experimental Nanoscience": 1 peer review;

Year 2019
"Revista Materia": 3 peer reviews;
"Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics": 1 peer review;

Year 2018
"Revista Materia": 2 peer reviews;