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Pharmacovigilance 4 – Signalling and Risk Assessment
Module 4 of 4 – Pv Signalling & Risk Assessment Course
The Pharmacovigilance Signalling & Risk Assessment course is recommended if you are involved in drug safety, clinical trials, pharmacoepidemiology and risk management. The Pharmacovigilance Signalling & Risk Assessment course covers key components of signal detection, including; definitions, objectives, examples, FDA risk management constituents, EU Signalling requirements and data mining principles. Each of these factors are crucial for a company to ensure that they match legislation – one of signalling and risk management’s primary objectives is to understand and manage the risk profiles of drugs to help avoid hugely expensive and damaging drug withdrawals. Pharmacovigilance Signalling & Risk Assessment is a great addition to your knowledge in pharmacovigilance when combined with The Pharmacovigilance Audit course. Find out more.
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