National Ambassadors


Since 2017, ReviewerCredits’s activities have been supported by a diverse cadre of engaged individual ambassadors who encourage the spread of our mission and objectives, locally and globally. Our ambassadors’ network of supporters is growing all the time and we are extremely grateful to them for their commitment and advocacy.

ReviewerCredits’s ambassadors are witnesses of academic, research, industry life in their own country, and in the world. They are outstanding authors of conference papers, journal and magazine articles, book chapters and books. They are Journal editors, members and advisors of editorial boards, of scientific associations and no-profit organizations. They participate in university life and embody the trends that guide research and the growth of scientific culture.

What ambassadors do

The ambassadors are actively engaged in promoting the activities of ReviewerCredits in their region and in their expertise area. They share their experience as peer reviewers, certification benefits, and the milestones they are achieving thanks to ReviewerCredits with their network.

They share their own point of view with the aim of making our mission increasingly effective, appreciated and necessary to guarantee the fairness and dignity of a research cornerstone: the peer review process, its appropriate recognition and certification.

The ambassadors are our intermediary, those who can introduce us to local institutions, so as to allow the exploration of new partnerships: we are keen to hear opinions and suggestion for a mutual growth through this role.

What ambassadors get

National Ambassadors are not remunerated for their activity. Participation in ReviewerCredits’ National Ambassador program offers the opportunity to support building a fair and sustainable system for peer review.

The activity of an ambassador offers visibility and excellent opportunities for networking and discussion within the community and internationally.


Why become an ambassador


  • The experience of an ambassador brings out and enhances reputation toward the scientific community
  • Being a ReviewerCredits’s ambassador means participating to change of peer review paradigm
  • ReviewerCredits’s ambassadors commit to fairness and integrity in scientific research, for the growth of humans knowledge